Estella Prestige Co., Ltd is a well-known company, importing crystal chandelier under the brand “Estella”. All luxurious chandeliers have been selected by our experienced designer team with the inspiration of timeless beauty. 

         With our experience over 10 years on lighting, leading to the certified standard that is
long-standing over Thailand. Each collection of selected masterpiece items has been responded
with trust of our valued customers. We have many clients from the leading companies and five
star hotels both in Thailand and foreign countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Laos.

         Our highest goal is to satisfy our customers, we are extremely adaptable and ready to produce anything from small table lamps to the huge chandeliers that suit with our valued customer’s requirements. All our chandeliers are manufactured with the highest standards of production. Crystal piece is guaranteed to never change colour and to contain absolutely no blurs, bubbles or streaks. It will remain luminous and radiant for life.

         You are welcomed to visit our stylist showroom at Crystal Design Center (CDC) , the top of reputation and luxury center of home decoration which is reserved for only VIP customers who are searching for the best in life. You can enjoy selecting our finest items on the display area over 500 square meters. Our experienced staffs are ready to serve and help you to select the prestigious chandeliers to match with your dream villas.

Company introduction

          Crystal chandelier - Euroluce lampadari, Iris Cristal Bohemia, Copen lamp, Riper lamp
         Brass Chandelier – Pedret from Barcelona
         Murono chandelier - Novaresi, Cangini & tucci, Vetreria Artistica M.M.M., Light sculpture and Signoretto